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Milan Music Week’s fifth edition will welcome the return of music in physical venues. The 2020 digital edition experience, which a large audience that reached far beyond the city limits participated in, taught us that streaming technology can be helpful in diffusing what’s going on in the real world. We want to return to this theme this year. The Milan Music Week events will be hosted primarily by clubs that showcase music all year round, provide a stage for artists, produce art and culture, and have suffered in the last two years, having been first forced to close and then face the constant uncertainty about reopening. Online events will undoubtedly be an important part of the program, also with respect to presenting exclusive content, but the destinations we have chosen to favor are the music clubs. We want it to be the first Milan Music Week that ushers in a new era for music in the city. The first sign of renewal is the welcomed entry of Nur Al Habash into our working group, who shares with me the burdens and honors as an artistic curator, and with whom we are building the one-week calendar of events. In creating this calendar together, we want to represent a real revival in terms of musical events in our city that are fun and stimulating for the public while serving the music world, in all its professionalism and related activities, so it can finally be brought back to life again.

Luca de Gennaro / VP Talent & Music ViacomCBS Networks per Sud Europa e Medio Oriente

It is an honor to support Luca de Gennaro this year in the curation of a prestigious event such as the Milan Music Week, especially at the exact moment when, almost two years after being stuck in a standstill, there is finally talk of a real restart in the world of live music. The pandemic has shown how music, and specifically live music, is a fundamental element with respect to the physical and mental well-being of citizens, and for the construction of a healthy and empowered society. Milan is one of the largest Italian cities that pays the most attention to the musical offerings and dialogue with live clubs, and an event such as Milan Music Week proves it. The 2021 edition will be fundamental in testing and setting a new standard, not only with respect to the hybrid mode of the event that will allow everyone to participate in the scheduled dates even from home, but also to create a new social and political awareness around the music that brings new life to the entire sector, starting with the creators of music themselves.

Nur Al Habash / Direttrice Fondazione Italia Music Lab

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