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ACCORDO.IT is one of the most-read webmagazines in the world in the sector of musical instruments and music technique. Online since 1997, it is followed by 2million+ unique users per year (Google Analytics data) who are provided with an archive of over 94,000 original articles on musical instruments, music in general and lessons, supplemented by a YouTube channel with over 50,000 registered users. accordo.it

Adesiva Discografica

In this evening of the label Adesiva Discografica, Marian Trapassi will perform her most famous songs and for the first time some from her new album, soon to be released, of which the first video "Futuro" is already in rotation. Michele Anelli presents in Milan his new album released in April "Divertente importante". Fabio Mercuri with a minimalist band will play his latest album and previews of the next. www.adesivadiscografica.com

AFI - Associazione Fonografici Italiani

AFI - Italian Association of Phonographic Producers, since 1948 represents and protects the interests of small and medium-sized businesses of audio, video and editorial producers. www.afi.it


Master in Comunicazione is the post-graduate course of ALMED / Università Cattolica focused on music industry professions and on pop music and media. For the Milan Music Week it organizes open lectures, laboratories and panels with teachers, professionals and students. almed.unicatt.it/almed-master-comunicazione-musicale

Billboard Italia

Billboard came to Italy one year ago, with the aim of creating a multimedia platform able to bring closer to the general public the world of the recording industry, the majors, independents, radios and artists. Today Billboard is a big family that combines the maximum competence with the simplicity of communication, in which artists can feel at home. Parcle Group, an Italian media company, brought Billboard to Italy. Its experience in creating contents is combined with an authentic passion for the development of new digital technologies. Parcle's data-driven approach represents the key for planning advertising solutions tailored to the needs of each specific brand. www.billboard.it

Brotherhood Night

BROTHERHOOD every saturday November 24th H.21 FREE ENTRY! In a context, to our see musically static, we consider the promotion of those local musical realities absolutely fundamental, which, often incredibly underestimated, with extreme passion are committed to contribute to the scene, Entertaining us and letting us entertain. For this reason, after "Brotherhood HEROES ", Brotherhood Milano created the "Brotherhood BAR ", a new "department" of Brotherhood Milan designed to give space to music played, in any form: electronic, Electric, acoustic, performed alone or in a Group, written or improvised, as long as LIVE. The DJs will not be banned or beaten (Brotherhood Milan is still born by a group of DJs) and remain the ambassadors of Brotherhood Milan, then the DJ set will not miss, but the BAR protagonists are performers and bands that, in their own way, every Saturday there They will lead in their imaginary staff. For the special Milan Music Week will perform Dj Futuro Tropicale & Slow Disco in a night called Disco Bros. www.facebook.com/Brotherhood-Milano-287108505350541/?ref=br_rs

BIKO Milano

BIKO is the reference club for black music, and not only, boasting prominent names in the international scene and welcoming one of the most heterogeneous and interesting audiences in Milan. It's a home that welcomes everyone, a slalom between tables and armchairs becomes a kaleidoscope of faces and continents, students, globetrotter, artists-performers-creatives and young people of the polyglot second generation. Independent in choices, open to the richness and variety of sounds from the world, BIKO is a stage for new talents and musicians already recognized. In its intimate atmosphere, with optimum acoustics and a sound system that is always calibrated, BIKO regularly hosts novelties and first listenings mainly from England and the United States. The bar and kitchen apply a popular price policy. www.bikoclub.net

inEDI Visionary Coworking Space

inEDI is a visionary coworking space where artists and creatives can meet and develop synergies and common projects. inEDI spreads the culture of new digital arts and it's a partner of DOC SERVIZI is the largest cooperative entertainment platform since 28 years. inedi.effettidigitali.it/

FIM - Salone della Formazione e dell'Innovazione Musicale

FIM is the Exhibition of Education and Musical Innovation, the Italian event of reference for training in music and innovation in music. Since 2013, FIM is building a laboratory of ideas to promote the growth and development of the music industry. Music schools, institutions, training institutes, leading companies in the music supply chain in Italy, large and small entrepreneurs actively participate in the event contributing to make each year more and more rich and original the FIM program with educational contents, seminars, workshops , workshops, showcases, concerts and initiatives. The participation of schools and students from all over Italy makes the FIM a national level event. The guests who participate every year in the FIM with meetings, exhibitions and demonstrations give the event an international dimension. FIM defends music as a common good and enhances the professions of music by stimulating collaboration between musicians and the birth of new projects. Together with its partners, the Show supports innovation and new technologies applied to music, brings young people closer to the study and practice of the musical instrument and offers cultural exchange with professionals in the sector. The event defines the role of the individual players in the music supply chain and puts the territorial and professional resources of the music sector in the network. The next edition of the FILM will take place in Milan, Piazza Città di Lombardia, from 16 to 17 May 2019. www.fimfiera.it


FIMI is a founding member of Confindustria Cultura Italia and a member of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and represents the largest record companies for over 2,500 brands. It provides the Top Of The Music certifications and charts, which record the sales data of physical, digital and streaming products in Italy on a weekly basis and represent an official reference for the music market. It collects industry data and research (at national and international level) to photograph the state of health of the market and participates in conferences and seminars on issues relating to the current structural revision of the sector. FIMI protects and supports activities related to the record industry, for this reason it's pleased to promote Milan Music Week as a cultural event linking and developing the cosmopolitan artistic fabric, which legitimizes Milan as a real Music City. www.fimi.it/


METATRON is a company founded in 2004 with offices in Milan and Turin. We work with everything that revolves around Music. Metatron operates mainly through its record label INRI, which since its founding in 2011 released more than 50 projects from a variety of genres and artists such as Bianco, Levante, Linea 77 and Dardust. Other, more recent declinations of Metatron everyday activity are INRI CLASSIC, aiming at interpreting serious music in unconventional and unpredictable ways, the boutique, electronic music label COFFIN RECORDS, guided by the dj and producer Leslie Lello, and NEREAU RECORDS, which explores techno music new trends. www.inritorino.com


The KeepOn LIVE network gathers and represents live venues and Italian festivals located in the widespread on the whole national territory that promote original live music culture. An inclusive and qualifying association with its objective in valorize those business focused on concerts and their beneficial function by the cultural, social and economical point of view. #onlylivemusic www.keeponlive.com

Le Cannibale

Founded in 2011, Le Cannibale has written an important page in the history of Italian clubbing and entertainment, organizing events dedicated to music and cultural entertainment of various kinds. After its residencies in Milan, Florence, Berlin, Madrid, Le Cannibale has exported its brand to Naples, Rome, Pavia, Genoa, Sestriere and Turin. Over 500 events so far, Le Cannibale is a company that produces successful events and brands such as Wunder Mrkt, Phifest, Reverso Festival, Club Prohibido, Le Cannibale Secret Parties, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Elettrocinematica. Le Cannibale collaborates with national and international companies and cultural institutions such as La Triennale di Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, il Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo degli Esami, Villa Litta and il Comune di Milano www.lecannibale.it


Music Hub 4.0 is the innovative project that LePark and Doc Live, with the Doc Network, in collaboration with Ral8022 and inEDI, will take from 22nd to 25th November to Milan Music Week 2018, the Milan music week now in its second edition. It derives from the concept of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory and is based on the collaboration between different operators in the sector compared to innovative proposals, development models, ethics and experiences related to the music industry in all its fields of application. The three main themes of the MUSIC HUB 4.0 program will be linked to production, digital and interactivity studies. There will be good music with live performances, DJ sets and showcases. www.lepark.space/musichub


A place where music industry people meet, learn, share, talk, listen, dance. Linecheck is the established meeting point for both international and italian music industry people and music enthusiasts of mixed backgrounds, this year with an enhanced program of talks, workshops, masterclasses, showcases and live concerts, as main content partner of the Milano Music Week. "Shape Your Future" is the claim of the festival, an invitation to look at new trends in the music industry from all different professional angles and to explore emerging music scenes, sounds and beats, from an international perspective. www.linecheckfestival.com

Officine Buone

Officine Buone is an NGO that offers an innovative way to volunteer. The project #specialstage is the first music contest for young artists that donate their talent in hospitals. Like a real contest, artists are performing and playing for patients which become the main judges during the exhibitions, along with special guests and famous nationwide musicians and testimonials. www.officinebuone.it


P R Y has been providing advice and assistance for great events since 1995, year in which it was conceived with the aim of managing all aspects of an event, both for great audiences and specific targets. P R Y is well known for its professional commitment, care for details and attention to the contemporary pry.it/

Radar Concerti

It’s called RADAR Concerti and it is a brand new company in event and concert organization. Independent, modern, and with a strong European attitude, it’s born from a 10-years experience in musical entertainment, both national and international. RADAR Concerti is the representative in Italy for such artists as The xx, Bonobo, Kamasi Washington, Grimes, FKA Twigs, Nothing But Thieves, Pusha t and many others. www.radarconcerti.com/

Radio Raheem

Radio Raheem is a physical space in the ‘Navigli’ area, a symbolic place in Milan, a people connector, a 24/7 independent web radio, a tank of ideas. The strenghts of our platform are the quality, the credibility and the eclecticism of contents. www.radioraheem.it

Reading Room

A new space, in Milan, entirely dedicated to the dissemination and understanding of independent magazines. www.readingroom.it

SAE Institute

SAE Institute is a global network, part of the Navitas Group, providing education in the creative media. Its courses are designed to fit the need of the cultural industry, where the next generations of creative professionals study Video, Audio, Business, Games and 2D/3D Animation. www.sae.edu

Sangue Disken

Sangue Disken has been handling Gattò|Musica & Cucina's scheduling since 2012 bringing a large variety of original and high quality live music -from Italy and abroad- to the renowned Milanese restaurant Gattò|Robe & Cucina, Napoli a Milano. The latter excels in- mediterranean cuisine using simple but strong and tasty flavors thanks to the quality and freshness of daily ingredients. Every Monday free live concerts take place in the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant's lobby at aperitivo time (from 7pm to 9:30pm). You can also choose to have dinner -away from the concert- in the restaurant's dinning room in the meanwhile. Barnaba Ponchielli (the name behind Sangue Disken) is in charge of one of the finest music programming in town. In it’s five years on board he has hosted live concert by the likes of Chris Brokaw, The Ghost Wolves, Tomorrows Tulips, Duke Garwood, Stranded Horse, Masha Qrella, Dead Elvis, Rolando Bruno, Ben Seretan and His Clancyness just to name a few of the international acts who have played at Gattò|Musica & Cucina. www.facebook.com/sanguedisken/

SCF S.r.l.

SCF S.r.l. manages in Italy the collection and the distribution of royalties due to phonographic producers and performing artists, for the use in public of recorded music (neighbouring rights). www.scfitalia.it/


seaseRPM – Rarities Photos and Music is the highly curated music and art destination within SEASE Concept Stores. www.sease.it/it/


Sony Music Entertainment is a multinational record company including a huge roster of contemporary superstars, both local and international, and a big catalogue with some of the most important artists, album and songs in the music history. www.sonymusic.it

STRAF Hotel & Bar

STRAFbar is the window on the world of the design hotel of the same name, and has been designed using the same basic materials, for example the concrete for the walls and floors, and the industrial iron panels. The attractively decorated ambience combines artistic elements such as the recycled fibreglass and wood panels and original 1970s furnishings. www.straf.it/


Sugar is a family company born from the insight and hard work of Ladislao Sugar, who lay its foundation in 1932. Sugar Music soon made a name for itself as the foremost independent record company in Italy, and is currently among the most prominent Italian music publishers on the national and European market. Sugar’s worldwide activities range from classical and pop music to movie scores, live management and recording and video-cinematic production. Sugar’s DNA stems from its long-standing heritage and its faith in quality, craftsmanship, method and passion, driving its search and development of talents representing Italian excellence worldwide.

Sunugal&Cascina Casottello

Cascina Casottello is International District Centre. Sunugal and Fate Artigiane are the two socio-cultural associations managing this: they work in order this place is a cultural centre for people, through cultural events of different kinds (music, art, cinema, theatre, trainings, meetings, workshops, proposals for kids). A place open to neighborhood, to the city, to the world. Via Fabio Massimo 19, MM3 Porto di Mare, Milano. www.cascinacasottello.it

Take It Easy

Far from being only a name for a party. 'Take It Easy' embodies deep ideals that are led by feelings, enthusiasm and dedication of its founders. The main aim of 'Take It Easy' is not only to establish musical ethics but also to guarantee the quality of the sound. Our goal is to introduce the best Italian artists to the European electronic scene. 'Take It Easy' is a life philosophy that is based on quality of sound as well as freedom of speech for those who follow the beautiful journey through sound, on the artistic and human level www.takeiteasymilano.com


Italian and international artists, festivals and entertainment. Rock but not only. This is Vertigo. www.vertigo.co.it


VINILE the original since 2011 www.vinilemilano.com

Zog Navigli

ZOG: It is the Bar of Sergio Carnevale from Bluvertigo. It is an informal and friendly place, historically frequented by Italian and international artists, musicians, designers, actors and showbiz personalities. Zog offers you an excellent list of original Special cocktails and Classic Drinks accompanied by excellent music and live show & Dj set. www.facebook.com/zognavigli

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