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Milano - November 22nd/28th, 2021

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Hotel, coliving, coworking, bistrot, events: 21WOL is an innovative but immediately familiar structure, in which to cultivate experiences and make new encounters. A starting point from which to explore the city and yourself. www.21wol.it


ACCORDO.IT is one of the most-read webmagazines in the world in the sector of musical instruments and music technique. Online since 1997, it is followed by 2million+ unique users per year (Google Analytics data) who are provided with an archive of over 94,000 original articles on musical instruments, music in general and lessons, supplemented by a YouTube channel with over 50,000 registered users. accordo.it


Since it was established in 1990, as a free association for cultural purposes only, ACEF - Associazione Culturale Economia e Finanza brings together professionals and experts of business economics, mainly chartered accountants, lawyers and university professors, under a single banner. The goal of these years has been to hold conferences on topical issues in the business-economics and law fields. The activity of ACEF was also characterized by the growing attention paid to the creation of managerial skills in the intellectual professions, with the aim of enabling professionals to better face the challenges of change. Heritage of ACEF are over 400 speakers have joined the initiatives promoted, accrediting the association to the world of business and civil society. www.economiaefinanza.org

AFI - Associazione Fonografici Italiani

AFI - Italian Association of Phonographic Producers, since 1948 represents and protects the interests of small and medium-sized businesses of audio, video and editorial producers. www.afi.it


Master in Comunicazione is the post-graduate course of ALMED / Università Cattolica focused on music industry professions and on pop music and media. For the Milan Music Week it organizes open lectures, laboratories and panels with teachers, professionals and students. almed.unicatt.it/almed-master-comunicazione-musicale

Electroclassic Festival

Amadeus Arte and BigBox present Electroclassic Festival. Electroclassic Festival is live music in which digital technologies are used to enrich the personalities of acoustic instruments, expanding their expressive possibilities. Electroclassic Festival is harmonic sound research and user friendly creativity for the curious audience in search of new music. Electroclassic Festival takes place in Milan, within different cultural spaces, all characterized by an openness to contamination and artistic multidisciplinarity. Enjoy! electroclassicfestival.com


Assomusica is the Italian association of live music organizers and producers. The associate companies, throughout the national territory, carry out about 80% of live concerts in Italy. Assomusica is the main interlocutor of organizations and institutions in the field of live music, exercises constant awareness raising activities to establish the cultural, social and civic value of music. Assomusica is recognized as the Italian representative of the live music sector in the European Union. www.assomusica.org/it/

Billboard Italia

Billboard came to Italy four years ago, with the aim of creating a multimedia platform able to bring closer to the general public the world of the recording industry, major and independent labels, radio stations and artists. Today, Billboard is a big family that combines the greatest competence with the simplicity of communication, in which artists can feel at home. Parcle Group, an Italian media company, brought Billboard to Italy. Its experience in creating contents is combined with an authentic passion for the development of new digital technologies. Parcle's data-driven approach represents the key for planning advertising solutions tailored to the needs of each specific brand. www.billboard.it

Cult of Magic

Cult of Magic is a Milan-based collective, operating in the fields of performance art, music and events, active in Italy since 2017.

Edizioni Curci

Edizioni Curci is one of the most important and renowned independent entities in the world of Italian music publishing. Founded in 1860, all over the years, the Company has been giving voice to the tradition of the popular music in Italy: from Domenico Modugno to Giorgio Gaber, from Vasco Rossi to Tiziano Ferro, with a constant expanding catalog, including Claudio Baglioni, Antonello Venditti and Francesco Renga’s repertoires, recently acquired. The present is also represented by a huge roster of great songwriters lead by the President Alfredo Gramitto Ricci and the General Manager Claudia Mescoli, and sees Curci involved and promoting all-round collaborations. Another important role is played by the management and the promotion of the songs rights of its catalog and of the represented ones. Thanks to a repertoire from all genres and styles, Edizioni Curci’s songs headline some of the biggest advertising campaigns and movie soundtracks around. The classical and didactic department, directed by Laura Moro, is another core part of the Company, a reference point for the filed and it boasts great collaborations. www.publishing.edizionicurci.it

The Music X

The Music X is a project born to give value to the human factor of music: behind the artistic projects, there are people who have something to tell. In a world made up of numbers, statistics, sales, marketing strategies, the record market is increasingly a showcase of a product, not a story, a grimace of the many people behind this magical world. From Puglia to Milan, let's talk about these journeys made of music.


FIMI is a founding member of Confindustria Cultura Italia and a member of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and represents the largest record companies for over 2,500 brands. It provides the Top Of The Music certifications and charts, which record the sales data of physical, digital and streaming products in Italy on a weekly basis and represent an official reference for the music market. It collects industry data and research (at national and international level) to photograph the state of health of the market and participates in conferences and seminars on issues relating to the current structural revision of the sector. FIMI protects and supports activities related to the record industry, for this reason it's pleased to promote Milan Music Week as a cultural event linking and developing the cosmopolitan artistic fabric, which legitimizes Milan as a real Music City. www.fimi.it/

Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation is a non profit research organization based in Milan, one of the major european centers of research and documentation in historical, political, economic and social sciences. The Foundation’s new project, on Viale Pasubio, Milan, was founded with the specific aim of becoming a hub and a platform of debate between different stakeholders – such as public and private institutions, universities and research centers, companies and associations – creating a national and international network, enabling critical think. The Foundation manages its activities in a distinctive and experimental way, mixing conservation, research, editorial and educational activities with a cross-medial approach and innovative formats: exhibitions, conferences, plays, film screenings and concerts. www.fondazionefeltrinelli.it


INDICAM is the Italian association for intellectual property. Through the study and in-depth analysis of the dangers of IP torts and infringements, the association aims to identify trends, solutions, and the most effective and innovative techniques to increase the protection and awareness of IP titles. INDICAM operates as a point of synthesis between industry and law, presenting itself to the various Italian and foreign interlocutors, be they institutions, law enforcement agencies, companies or consumers, as a privileged observatory on all the issues that affect a brand today. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


METATRON is a company founded in 2004 with offices in Milan and Turin. We work with everything that revolves around Music. Metatron operates mainly through its record label INRI, which since its founding in 2011 released more than 80 projects from a variety of genres and artists such as Bianco, Levante, Linea 77 and Dardust. Other, more recent declinations of Metatron everyday activity are INRI CLASSIC, aiming at interpreting serious music in unconventional and unpredictable ways, the boutique, electronic music label COFFIN RECORDS, guided by the dj and producer Leslie Lello, and NEREAU RECORDS, which explores techno music new trends. www.inritorino.com


The KeepOn LIVE network gathers and represents live venues and Italian festivals located in the widespread on the whole national territory that promote original live music culture. An inclusive and qualifying association with its objective in valorize those business focused on concerts and their beneficial function by the cultural, social and economical point of view. #onlylivemusic www.keeponlive.com

Le Cannibale

Founded in 2011, Le Cannibale has written an important page in the history of Italian clubbing and entertainment, organizing events dedicated to music and cultural entertainment of various kinds. After its residencies in Milan, Florence, Berlin, Madrid, Le Cannibale has exported its brand to Naples, Rome, Pavia, Genoa, Sestriere and Turin. Over 500 events so far, Le Cannibale is a company that produces successful events and brands such as Wunder Mrkt, Phifest, Reverso Festival, Club Prohibido, Le Cannibale Secret Parties, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Elettrocinematica. Le Cannibale collaborates with national and international companies and cultural institutions such as La Triennale di Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, il Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo degli Esami, Villa Litta and il Comune di Milano www.lecannibale.it


A landmark event for those working in the music business and adjacent creative industries. A place where music industry people meet, learn, share, talk, listen, discover. Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival is back, in a new hybrid edition from November 23rd to 25th. Guest country 2021: Germany. Central theme: #reverse, chosen to explore the present and future of the music industry, its trends and economics with a view to pushing collective innovation outside the conventional framework. www.linecheck.it

Teatro Linguaggicreativi

Teatro Linguaggicreativi was founded in 2010 in a ex-printing house in the Navigli area, between Porta Genova and Romolo. It's directed by Simona Migliori and Paolo Trotti. Today it's a cultural and theatrical production center, with its warm and welcoming environment, has become a reference point for Milan, a house that hosts especially young companies and shows of contemporary drama. www.linguaggicreativi.it/

Mercato Centrale Milano

Open 7 A.M. to midnight, every day Monday to Sunday, Mercato Centrale Milano is a two-floors space of 4,500 square meters where quality food and culture meet. Here you can discover what an amazing bunch of thirty food artisans have to offer, watch them prepare food, shop and participate in a series of events - all free - including cooking lessons, debates and workshops for young and old. Or you can simply sit down, relax, and listen to the music playing from the in-store radio station. www.mercatocentrale.com/milan/


Mescal is born in 1993 with the intent of producing and safeguarding emerging musicians and noteworthy projects that are very often neglected or even worse, ignored by the official record industry. In these years the structure has evolved itself up to the point of guaranteeing a privileged treatment to the artist, in order to safeguarding him at 360 degrees. Not only the label, born in 1997, but also the management and booking/live office for producing concerts and events of which we like to remember the incomparable travelling Festival “Tora! Tora!”. In 2005 Mescal has set a record until now unequalled in Italy for an independent label to have simultaneously two records in the first 12 of the Fimi/Nielsen sales Ranking (Ballate per piccole iene/Afterhours + Appunti Partigiani/MCR). In 17 years of record industry activity more than 100 albums have been published with Mescal label, besides books and DVDs. Mescal, Record Industry Label and Management, is based in Nizza Monferrato (AT); the Live office is in Milan: head of Mescal is Dr. Valerio Soave. www.mescalmusic.com

Milano Music Week

It is a week full of events, concerts, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, training, and discussion, all hosted in one of the world’s music capitals. A city increasingly places itself as the creative and productive centre of the international music industry. Promoted by: Comune di Milano, Siae, Fimi, NuovoImaie, Assomusica www.milanomusicweek.it

NOI libreria spazio culturale di vicinato

NOI is an independent bookshop specialising in illustrated books. But not just that. We also offer handbooks, travel, art and photography books, fiction and stationery, with a selection of small limited-edition independent productions. NOI is also a place to stay. To learn. To meet people. Every week we host events, book launches and workshops. NOI is indoor and outdoor. We have two rooms - the first one is full of books while the other is a co-working space, with open access -, three windows, a garage and a garden. NOI is for everyone, 0 years old and above. NOI is an act of civil resistance. NOI is a very rational hazard. www.noilibreria.it

Officine Buone

Officine Buone is an NGO that offers an innovative way to volunteer. The project #specialstage is the first music contest for young artists that donate their talent in hospitals. Like a real contest, artists are performing and playing for patients which become the main judges during the exhibitions, along with special guests and famous nationwide musicians and testimonials. Officine Buone realizes also Open Stage: smart totems installed in public spaces (square, parks, etc), equipped with audio speakers, mixer and IoT sensor. They can be booked by artists in order to have a stage ready-to-use in the heart of the cities, completely for free. Open Stage is a revolution for urban entertainment. www.officinebuone.it

Outsound Art Production

Outsound Art Production is an association born on the initiative of Bakelite cLab, a venue that has hosted live music events since 2013 in Milan, in via Vertoiba 3. Outsound's mission is to promote culture, encourage the growth of young artistic realities, and to cultivate the love for music while at the same time rediscovering the places and districts of the city of Milan. Outsound has been operating since 2017 in organizing concerts, events, art exhibitions, workshops and festivals continuously at Bakelite cLab, but also in locations such as the Garden of Cultures, Castello Sforzesco during the Sforzesca Estate, Cascinet, Sant 'Ambrogio Design District. Outsound actively collaborates with other artistic associations, music labels, collectives of the reality of Milan to enhance art, music and culture. www.facebook.com/outsoundartproduction


Radio NoLo is a non-profit community radio born in the NoLo (North of Loreto) neighborhood by a group of neighbors who met through the local social street. Radio NoLo is a neighborhood radio that actively involves in the creation of programs the citizens who want to tell what happens in the streets of NoLo and the stories of those who live there. Radio NoLo is also an experiment in media education that goes beyond language, age and social barriers to give a voice to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Radio NoLo is part of the Share Radio circuit, the network of community radios in Milan, which broadcasts the productions of our neighborhood radio station. radionolo.it/

Radio Raheem

Radio Raheem is an independent web radio now located in the iconic Museum of Design Triennale Milano. A digital media studio that, starting from music, explores the world of contemporary culture. www.radioraheem.it

RC Waves

RC Waves is the branch Totally Imported Srl dedicated to promtion and booking. Totally Imported is a publishing company, management, label, booking, press office and offers legal assistance for artists. Born between Bologna and Milan, it's a company that deals with managing well-established names at national level as well as debut artists. RC Waves Booking was born as a booking agency dedicated to the company's internal roster and then expanded to collaborations with external artists. Musical quality is the pivot around which the agency's roster turns beyond fashions and numbers. At the moment the artists we work with are Khaled Levy (Solo project by Ramiro Levy of Selton), Aquarama, Sacramento, Planet Opal, Sinedades, Cucina Sonora, Millepunti, RGB Prisma, Missey, Djstivo, Lazy Frenky. totallyimported.it/

SAE Institute Milano

SAE Institute (part of Navitas Pty Ltd) is a global network for creative media education with over 50 campuses around the world. It offers courses which prepares the next generation of cultural and creative industry professionals in the Video, Audio, Business and Games sectors, according to the newest market needs. The Milan campus, the only one in Italy, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, hosts 19 production studios, in which the new generation learn to become professional practitioners. www.sae.edu

Roberto Sarzi Amadè e Flavio Pugliese

FLAY We are Roberto Sarzi Amadé and Flavio Pugliese, a duo who in 2016 decided to give life to a musical project by making use of several collaborations. We have composed a series of pop-rock songs with 80/90 Italian new wave / songwriting influences. To finalize the work we turned to the skilled hands of Livio Magnini, finding in him a capable and positive producer. The recordings were made at the PARADOX STUDIO (formerly Le Cave Recording Studio) in Milan, a place rich in history that has seen great performers and songwriters pass through (including Lucio Dalla, Loredana Berte, Bluvertigo). The project was attended by Max Carnevale (electric bass), Mattia del Conte (vocals), Marco Albanese (vocals), Roberto Laini (trumpet, flugelhorn), Roberto Sarzi Amade '(drums, synths, vocals, backing vocals), Flavio Pugliese (guitars , synth, vocals, backing vocals), Giuseppe Barresi (vocals), Michele Monestiroli (sax), Anna Bazueva (flute, backing vocals), Hassy (vocals). www.instagram.com/flay.to.music

SCF S.r.l.

SCF S.r.l. manages in Italy the collection and the distribution of royalties due to phonographic producers and performing artists, for the use in public of recorded music (neighbouring rights). www.scfitalia.it/


Sony Music Entertainment is a multinational record company including a huge roster of contemporary superstars, both local and international, and a big catalogue with some of the most important artists, album and songs in the music history. www.sonymusic.it

Sound Faktory

12 hours of music, dj set and brand new artists live from Sound Faktory, new music hub in Milan created by Joe T Vannelli. Workshop, interviews, talk and dj set with Joe T Vannelli, Albertino, Alex Neri, Lele Sacchi, Stefano Fontana, Max Brigante, Federico Grazzini, Joy Kitikonti, Andrea Pellizzari, Ale Zuber, Federico Kay, My Name Is Atlanta (Milano), Silvano del Gado, Vannelli Bros and many more. www.soundfaktoryofficial.com/events

STRAF Hotel & Bar

STRAFbar is the window on the world of the design hotel of the same name, and has been designed using the same basic materials, for example the concrete for the walls and floors, and the industrial iron panels. The attractively decorated ambience combines artistic elements such as the recycled fibreglass and wood panels and original 1970s furnishings. www.straf.it/


Sugar is a family company born from the insight and hard work of Ladislao Sugar, who lay its foundation in 1932. Sugar Music soon made a name for itself as the foremost independent record company in Italy, and is currently among the most prominent Italian music publishers on the national and European market. Sugar’s worldwide activities range from classical and pop music to movie scores, live management and recording and video-cinematic production. Sugar’s DNA stems from its long-standing heritage and its faith in quality, craftsmanship, method and passion, driving its search and development of talents representing Italian excellence worldwide.

Sunugal&CIQ-Centro Internazionale di Quartiere

C.I.Q. International District Center - Culture and food from Italy and the world. It proposes cultural and artistic paths as a vehicle for social aggregation and intercultural and intergenerational involvement, with a programming of live music, theater and dance performances, workshops and courses for children and adults, exhibitions, exhibitions, film screenings and book presentations . Cooking and food are also part of the exchange and knowledge, as a means of transmitting knowledge and flavors and an opportunity to meet. www.ciqmilano.it/%20www.facebook.com/CiqMilano

Rock the School

Rock the School aims to promote outstanding high school bands, mainly composed by students located in Milan, providing them with adequate locations and technical support in order to play live pop and rock music, with the ultimate goal to offer sponsorship and visibility to young people passionate about music. www.rocktheschool.net

Voodoo Comunicazione

Voodoo is a company born in 2021, working in communications and promotions in music, showbiz and culture. It's based on an idea: listening, confrontation, growth and quality communication. Voodoo works with La Rappresentante di Lista, Aka7even, Calibro 35, Motta, Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Lorenzo Kruger, Claver Gold, Murubutu, Giancane, Colla Zio, PIOVE., Tonno, Comete, Emanuele Frusi.

Just Wanted

Film distribution company based in Milan: we work on indie films, documentaries, stories, people. wantedcinema.eu/

Warner Music Italy

Warner Music in Italia è la società italiana parte di Warner Music Group, fra i leader a livello mondiale di musica registrata, di publishing e di servizi agli artisti e alle label. Missione e obiettivo sono quelli dello sviluppo artistico e dell’amplificazione dei contenuti artistici e musicali. Warner Music opera attraverso le label Atlantic, Warner Records, Parlophone, East West, Asylum, Elektra, Rhino, Roadrunner, Warner Classics, Erato, Sire, Reprise, Nonesuch, Spinnin’ e numerose altre. Focalizzata al raggiungimento del successo creativo ed economico di artisti leggendari e nuove star da un lato e dall’altro alla completa soddisfazione dei consumatori e dei music fan puntando sulla qualità dell’esperienza vissuta da ciascuno di loro. Fra gli artisti che Warner Music rappresenta ci sono Ghali, Achille Lauro, Laura Pausini, Capo Plaza, Irama, Annalisa, Fred De Palma, Loredana Bertè, Ligabue, Levante, Mr. Rain, Max Pezzali, Deddy, Tancredi, Federico Rossi, Nek oltre ad artisti della nuova scena rap quali Rondodasosa, Il Tre, Baby Gang e J Lord. Nel roster Warner Music vanta superstar internazionali quali Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Lizzo, Coldplay, David Guetta, Michael Buble’, Cardi B, Burna Boy, Lil Uzi Vert, Roddy Ricch, Young Thug, Iron Maiden, Avril Lavigne, Slipknot, Sia, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, Liam Gallagher, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day. Inoltre, Warner Music gestisce fra gli altri incredibili cataloghi di Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Prince, The Doors, Eagles, Aretha Franklin, Mina, Neil Young, Gorillaz, Ramones, Joni Mitchell, Joy Division, Maria Callas. Oltre alle attività di sviluppo artistico Warner Music opera direttamente con i propri team nei settore delle sync, del brand partnership, del licensing, della gestione e distribuzione dei proventi dei diritti artistici e del merchandising ulteriormente rafforzata anche attraverso la recente acquisizione a livello globale di EMP, società di vendita diretta al music fan. Al fine di diversificare la proposta artistica e per aumentare ulteriormente l’impatto culturale e commerciale in Italia, Warner Music ha di recente annunciato l’apertura di ADA Italy, la divisione indipendente di distribuzione e servizi per gli artisti. Precedentemente, nel 2019 Warner Music Italy ha aperto 14 16 Recording Studios, gli studi di registrazione e l’anno successivo 14 16 Video Studios, gli studi per la realizzazione di visual e audio content. 14 16 Studios costituiscono un elemento essenziale nella visione e nella missione di sviluppo artistico, di supporto e impulso alla produzione dei contenuti audio e video degli artisti. www.warnermusic.it/

We Love Live e Rock'n'Roll Milano

We Love Live is a series of concerts curated by Luca Gemma, singer and songwriter, at Rock'n'Roll Milano, iconic club that offers live music and dj sets and just reopened its doors after pandemic lockdown. A series of intimate gigs where singers, songwriters, bands and musicians stage and share their personal idea of songs, sounds and words. Scaglia, singer and guitarist of Ritmo Tribale, very important italian alternative rock band, will play his solo tracks and a couple of songs of the band in a new intimate and acoustic version.

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