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A week of concerts, showcases, meetings, workshops, webinars, exhibitions and presentations.

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Milan Music Week’s fifth edition welcomes the return of music to physical venues. The 2020 digital edition experience has taught us that streaming can be useful in amplifying what happens live, but the pandemic has demonstrated how music, and specifically live music, is key to the physical well-being and mental health of people and in the creation of healthy and strong society. For this reason, Milan Music Week this year will mainly take place in venues that schedule live music all year round, providing a stage for artists to produce art and culture. We want it to be the first Milan Music Week to usher in a new era for music in the city. For this reason, we have curated a week-long calendar that we hope will be fun and interesting for the public and at the same time useful in setting a new standard, not only in terms of the event’s hybrid format that will allow everyone to follow the music dates from the comfort of their own homes, but also in creating new social and political awareness around music that will bring new life to the entire sector, starting with the music creators themselves.

The Curators
Nur Al Habash and Luca de Gennaro

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